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Have you ever wished that the bobbin in your weaving shuttle would magically wind itself? That you’d have no more empty bobbins?

I hear ya! And while I still haven’t found any mystical elves that will wind my bobbins for me, I do have a bobbin winder that I swear by.

Today’s episode of A Handwoven Experience is all about working with a bobbin winder. If you’ve been winding yours by hand thus far, this could be a complete game changer! Check it out!

Show Notes –

Various Kinds of Bobbin Winders – In the video today, I’m using a hand-powered, single end, bobbin winder. But, there are electric versions available that can REALLY make quick work of loading up your bobbin! Plus, you’ll find versions that are classified as “single end” or “double end”. This refers to how the empty bobbin is attached to the winder. The Woolery has a nice selection and if you scroll down to the bottom, you can see their recommendations on how to wind a bobbin. Very interesting!!

Other Accessories – In case you missed it, I released a video all about weaving accessories last year. It includes a little tour around my loom, showcasing all the tools I reach for on a regular basis. You might discover something you’ve missed!

Now, you!

What is your favorite weaving accessory?

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