Indiana Arts Commission 2018 On-Ramp Weekend

New & Improved

My fantastic experience with the On-Ramp program and fellowship!

Feel like attending a show?

Being an artist can be a pretty solitary lifestyle. So, I’ve found that it’s very important to get out of the basement, out of my head, and go socialize with other lovely people! For the last 4 years, I’ve belonged to an amazing group called the Duneland Weaver’s Guild. The organization has been alive and well in Northwest Indiana for more than 60 years!

Each year, this group of incredibly talented women and men, put on a Fashion show the first Sunday in April, along with an exhibit that runs the entire month at the Chesterton Art Center. If you ever have the chance to join us, it is well worth it! The variety and quality of the work you’ll see there is wildly impressive! Here are the details –

What: Duneland Weaver’s Guild Fashion Show and Exhibit

Where: Chesterton Art Center, Chesterton, Indiana

When: Sunday, April 1 from 1-4, the Fashion Show begins at 2:00

Why: Not only will there be a room full of gorgeous woven/knit/crocheted/felted goodies, we’ll have treats and champagne punch to go with! Can you beat that? I think not! Hope to see you there!

Lizz's Scarf
Jeane's Overshot Runner

Collapse Weave

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking a Collapse Weave class at Tabby Tree Weaver in Arcadia, IN with Linda Adamson. Had a fabulous time! It was 2 days of venturing out beyond my comfort zone. I am a weaver who likes fat yarns and a lot of cotton. This class was all about tiny yarns and anything but cotton! Thus, the learning curve was great!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with collapse weave (and that would include 95% of the population!), it is a style of weaving involving 2 different types of fibers – one that shrinks a lot and one that doesn’t at all. In this case, we used a hand-dyed tencel warp and an over-twisted wool (this is just what it sounds like!) weft. Once you weave the project, you dunk it into hot water and watch the fun begin!

My project began with a 14″ width and once it had collapsed, it measured less than 6″! For those of you old enough to remember, the process was very similar to watching Shrinky-Dinks! So cool! I’ve included some before and after photos for you!

Collapse Weave on the Loom
Collapse Weave Pre-Hot Water
Collapse Weave Post-Hot Water
Collapse Weave - All Done!