In this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience, I’m continuing the conversation about weaving design elements with texture. Along with color and pattern, texture makes up the 3 main design elements in any project.

So let’s chat about texture. In weaving, it specifically refers to the feel or the “hand” of the fabric. Is it soft, course, silky, nubby, firm, scratchy, etc.? Those words all help describe the texture.

Texture can be an amazing tool in a weaving project. A bolt of handwoven fabric can go from blah to brilliant with a carefully placed textured yarn. Check out episode 26 below to see what I’m referring to. And as always, Happy Weaving!

Show Notes –

Texture in Weaving – I found a great blog post about this topic from Sweet Georgia Yarns. Click here to give it a read!

Fabrics That Go Bump – If you want an additional resource all about incorporating texture into your weaving project, I highly recommend this book! Here’s a link to look closer.