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To celebrate all our AMAZING waffle weave-ish accomplishments, I present to you The October 2022 Weave Along Gallery Show! Yay!!!!

During this month-long weaving adventure, a brave group of weavers picked up the challenge I threw down – to start and finish a weaving project in the month of October, and use the common pattern of waffle weave. It was simply incredible.

And I could explain to you in great detail all the beautiful projects that were created, but a picture is SO much better. Thus, without further adieu, I give you The October 2022 Weave Along Gallery Show!

Show Notes –

A special thank you to Jamie Scott, who helped me keep track of all the Facebook Group brilliance. You helped me sleep during the month of October.

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated! You are the reason the Weave Alongs continue getting better and growing each time. I learn more from you than the other way around, I promise you.

I cannot wait to start it all up again in April! In the meantime, throw that shuttle, would ya? Happy Weaving!

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