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When you think of weaving, you think looms, right? Well, there is an entire world of weaving accessories that help support all the fun happening on the loom. And in this episode of A Handwoven Experience, I’m taking you on a little tour around my studio space so you can see all the little bits I have at the ready! Enjoy!

Weaving Accessories Show Notes –

Loom – A loom is a piece of equipment weavers use to create fabric. In this episode, you see me sitting at my 36″ 4-shaft Schacht floor loom.

Toilet paper – I use toilet paper as spacers at the beginning of my project. Typically I place about 5 rows of it to spread out the warp yarns. I like using tp because I don’t feel bad about pitching it afterwards. And it has handy-dandy perforation that makes it easy to remove once the project is off the loom.

Shuttle – Shuttles carry the weft yarns from side to side in the loom. I usually keep 3 styles of shuttles handy. A boat shuttle that holds a bobbin and looks slightly like a canoe. A stick shuttle that is flat and yarn winds directly on to it. And a rag shuttle designed to hold a collection of yarns or strips of fabric sewn together.

Bobbin – A bobbin fits into a boat shuttle and spins around, releasing the yarn as the shuttle is being tossed.

Bobbin winder – A bobbin winder is a slick little device that you clamp to a table. The empty bobbin slides onto it and then you add the yarn and start winding. In mere minutes, you’ll have a full bobbin. Very handy!

Scissors – You know what scissors are. As a weaver, scissors are critical – especially a sharp pair!

Measuring tape – A measuring tape is a flexible tape with inches marked on it. I use mine constantly when measuring a pattern repeat on the loom. Because it bends, it is wildly convenient.

Pins – I like to keep both straight and safety pins nearby. You’d be surprised how often I use them!

Screwdrivers – Ah, the tools. I’m about the least mechanically-inclined person you’ll ever meet. But, I’ve figured out how to use a screwdriver! Matter of fact, I’ve been at it long enough, I know how to use 2 kinds – a Phillips and a flat-head. Progress!

More Weaving Accessories Show Notes –

Notebook – I record all the minutes that go into a project. A bit anal? Definitely. Does it help me sleep at night? Yes, ma’am, it does.

Yardsticks – I may own more yardsticks that any other person in Indiana. Just speculating here. Because I have a 36″ loom, they are my favorite items to wedge in between my yarns on the back (and front) of the loom.

Craft paper – For my smaller table loom, I use a heavy duty craft paper in place of yardsticks. It’s nice that I can cut the width to whatever I need.

Reed – The reed is a divided frame in the beater bar that keeps the weaving project width consistent.

Heddles – Heddles are tall, skinny pieces with an eye in the middle. They live on each shaft, floating on top and bottom rails. Warp yarns are threaded through the heddles as a method to determine which shaft the yarn will live on – which in turn influences the weaving pattern.

Hot beverage – A hot beverage is a requirement for any weaving project. Wait – that could be just me.

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