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Today’s episode is a micro-mini class called Weaving Cross 101. It is a deep dive into this subtle, but important element of warping a project.

It all starts at the warping board. In order to keep the hundreds of warp yarns in order, all you need is the weaving cross. But, I want to make sure you know how it works and how it will help you proceed with your project.

Take a look at episode 46 of A Handwoven Experience to see what all the fuss is about! I have no doubt you’ll ace Weaving Cross 101!

Show Notes –

Winding the warp – While I have only seen folks wind the warp yarns horizontally (left-to-right), I found an interesting article from Lunatic Fringe that talks about the benefits of winding your warp yarns vertically (up-and-down). Very interesting! You can read more here to see if it’s something you’d like to try.

For the history buffs – If you geek out to some historical trivia, I’ve got a fun site for you! I typed in, “origin of the warping board”, which led me to this page on British history. It talks about things called a “warping bar” and a “warping pin”. I love anything that reminds us of exactly how old weaving is and how it has transformed (or not) throughout the ages! Click here to enjoy! 

More about warping a project – Back when I began this lovely journey of creating A Handwoven Experience, I recorded the 7-part process of weaving a project – start to finish. So there is a video specifically showing the process of putting a warp onto the warping board. You are welcome to take a look right here!

Now, you!

When you learned about the weaving cross, what tips or tricks helped you understand the concept?

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