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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend Art in the Park in Elmhurst, IL. Notice that I said “attend”, not work. It was quite a treat to simply enjoy the experience without the usual pressure of having to make money! 

As I was wandering around the area, saying  “hi” to a handful of fellow artists and getting a feel for the event, I took note of the different selling styles. Selling has been a topic ping-ponging through my head lately. You see, I’ve been working with the business advisors at SCORE and across the board, they are brilliant, seasoned salespeople. They have years of experience and it just seems to come naturally! 

They’ve really challenged me to think about my selling process – where I’m strong and where I could use some help. So as I analyze my own style, I’ve been thinking about other artists I know and how they approach selling. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve found – 

The Mysterious One. Have you ever walked into a booth at an art fair and you can’t even find the artist? They’re hiding behind a panel or wrapped up in something else entirely. This style doesn’t necessarily appeal to me. But I feel like these folks can still sell really well! Shoppers like the mystery, the allure, and dare I say, “aloofness” of that type of artist. 

The Friendly One. I feel like I firmly fall into this category. I like people! So, I do well connecting with them. We’re buds! I would happily ask them to get a cup of coffee (or tea, in my case). But, when it comes down to it, I’m not brilliant at sealing the deal. At the end of the day, these are the artists you look forward to seeing next year at the same event. You may not buy from them, but you’re excited to see them! 

The Determined One. This is the artist who tells you the special features, asks pointed questions, and tries to engage every person who walks past. I feel like these folks are laser-focused, goal-driven, and usually intimidatingly intense. But, if they don’t scare you off, they are typically brilliant at identifying what you need and showing you a solution – convincing you to buy! 

The Absent One. This is a special category for the artists lucky enough to have a gregarious partner who handles the selling portion of the show. They might speak up when asked a technical question. But for the most part they sit back, allowing the non-artist to take center stage and sell the crap out of their unique gems. Lucky ducks! 

So, the goal for my upcoming shows is to enhance my strengths and develop a strategy for the weaknesses, all while happily weaving along! I’ll let you know how it goes…

What is your selling style? Any brilliant selling tips to recommend? 

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The magic of selling!

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