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Let’s talk custom! Here is my definition of a custom project – a project that is woven for someone incorporating their unique requirements.

A custom project will be a partnership between you and another person. Your job as the artist is to give them clear choices and to make sure you outline what you can and can’t create. And their job as the client is to bring you their ideas and ultimately work with you to settle on a plan.

(p.s. If you despise making a specific item, don’t offer to do it. For example, if pillows make you crazy, don’t offer to weave someone pillows. Life is too short to be miserable – even if someone else is paying.)

When the custom experience goes well, it is a beautiful collaboration. You, the weaver, will get the pleasure of working within parameters given to you by someone else – which could be a lovely stretch of your creative skills, and a bit out of your comfort zone. And in return, the client will receive a one-of-a-kind woven piece of art that incorporates their colors/materials/style/sizing, etc. – which is incredible! Aren’t they lucky?

So in episode 95, I’m giving you a handful of things to consider if or when you take on your first custom project. Ready? Let’s talk custom!

Show Notes –

Instead of show notes, I’m going to mix it up and give you a quick questionnaire to help you determine whether custom projects are a good fit for you. And here we go!

  • Do you get annoyed when someone gives you a suggestion?
  • Do you have a pressing laundry list of projects to get to?
  • Are you unsure you can accurately weave an idea from your head?

If you said “yes” to any or all of these, custom projects may not be the best fit for you, at this time. And that’s okay! There is no rule that says every weaver must be willing to do custom projects. See, this is a fabulous benefit to being an adult – you get to choose what is a good fit for you! (And you can eat ice cream for dinner, if the mood strikes you!)

Acton Creative’s Custom – However, if you are intrigued by the idea of doing custom work, you are invited to take a stroll through my custom page to see how I presented my options. Feel free to use it as inspiration for your own! Check it out right here. 

Acton Creative Insiders – 

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