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Do you work differently in the summertime? I do. It’s fascinating that even though I haven’t been in school for years, I still follow a school schedule – at least to a certain degree. (My parents were teachers – we’ll blame it on them!) June, July, and August are simply unique from the rest of the year.

During the summer, I’m definitely more social. As a rule, I’m guessing everyone is – at least in the Midwest. We finally have some lovely weather and everyone’s escaping the house much more than other times of the year. I’ve chatted with my neighbors more in the last three weeks than I did in the first three months of the year.

Jackie Schomburg at Glencoe Art Fair

I was Jackie’s assistant at the Glencoe Art Fair – fun!!

The sun is up! I’ve noticed this summer I am simply getting up earlier. I’m a morning person, naturally. But it’s become no big deal for me to rise at 5:30 and get the day started.

I lean towards bolder colors in my work. I find myself grabbing the crazy electric green, or the bright purple more than other times of the year. Mind you, I don’t usually put them together in the same combination because, well, let’s not get completely carried away!

Bold Colors in Handwoven Fabric

Pretty bright, right? At least for me!

Because of these summertime characteristics, I tend to squeeze in some weaving early in the day. If I’m able to get back to it later, that’s good. But, I’m more relaxed overall. I try very hard to intentionally incorporate time in my schedule for the joys of summer. While I love working towards a future goal, right now is a wonderful time to remind myself that real life is happening and I should be milking it for all it’s worth!

Have you noticed you work differently in the summer months? Happy weaving, everyone!

Silver Lake Michigan

This is the life!

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