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Hello! Last week, I kicked off a 7-part series walking you through a weaving project from start to finish. This week, we’re talking about warping (part 2). If you’ve never seen someone pull together yarns for a weaving project while standing at a warping board, you are in for a treat. Part of the reason I love weaving is the variety of stages, with all the interesting tools for each stage. And warping a project doesn’t disappoint!

I hope you enjoy! Happy weaving!


Show notes –

Planning a weaving project – the first stage in a weaving project (I recommend graph paper & a pencil!)

Warp – the yarns that run through the loom, under tension

Warping board – a frame with pegs designed to help measure the warp of a project, while keeping the yarns in order

Weaving cross – an intersection of yarns that will determine the order of the project (you will create a weaving cross at the warping board, but it becomes critical in the next stage – sleying the reed)

Sleying the reed – threading a reed that will keep warp yarns evenly spaced

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