There appears to be approximately one zillion different types of twill weave. Okay, I MAY have exaggerated a tad.

But, twill is everywhere and it does come in a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes. So today, I’ll be helping to shrink down this enormous world of twill into more manageable bites. Ready? Let’s do it!

Show Notes –

More about twill – I found a lovely blog about twill weave from Hullo pillow, interestingly enough! The author does a nice job of summarizing the benefits of twill, as well as highlighting some popular twill fabrics – like denim and herringbone. If you are curious, just click here to check it out! 

Houndstooth check – One of the most famous twill patterns, houndstooth check, can be found prominently in fashion. If you aren’t familiar with the name, you’ll definitely recognize the pattern. I’m including a little blurb about its history right here.

It’s a bonus! – Last year, I featured a variety of different weave structures and of course, twill was one of them! If you missed it, by chance, I’m including a link right here. Enjoy!

Now, you! –

Have you found a twill pattern you especially love? Share with the class!

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