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In episode 65 of A Handwoven Experience, I have 3 more color tips – just for you, my beginning weavers!

Last week, I spoke about color tips revolving around the warp yarns in a project. This time, I’m offering 3 easy color tips about selecting your weft. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Recommendations for the weft – Weaver House has a great blog about selecting a weft yarn! They also get a gold star for so many pretty pictures! (The gold star rating could be just a me thing… but who doesn’t like getting gold stars???) Check out their fabulous information right here. 

Cotton (carpet warp) – If you are curious what fiber I use in my samples, I’m a huge lover of the humble carpet warp (also called rug warp). You can find my love letter to all things carpet warp in episode 3, which is right here for your viewing pleasure! 

Now, you!

How do you select the colors for your weft yarns?

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