What is ppi? I KNOW this burning question has been keeping you up at night. But have no fear, you’ll be sleeping like a babe after you watch episode 69 of A Handwoven Experience!

In this episode, I’m tackling the topic of ppi – what is it and why should you care? I’ll clear up any misconceptions about what this stands for. (Hint, it’s not a purple-painted interstate, or painful paranoid issue, or a prudish philosophical innkeeper, or… I better stop while I’m behind.)

Enjoy this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience!

Show Notes –

Gist Yarn – Have you had a chance to subscribe to Gist yet? They not only sell a beautiful product, they also are very generous with their weaving knowledge! Matter of fact, Christine wrote a lovely article on doing a balanced beat, which ties right into our discussion of ppi. I hope you find something valuable in her writing, like I did! Check out her article right here. 

Sett and epi – Way back in episode 50, I tackled sett and epi (ends per inch). Because epi and ppi are so interconnected (ha! it’s a weaving joke! maybe not a good one, but still…), I’m leaving you a link to brush up on the opposite side of the equation right here. 

Now, you!

Look at you, learning all the things!! What sort of weaving trivia have you discovered lately?

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