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Weavers have a love/hate relationship with knots. We love the knots that hold our project in place, but we hate the unwanted knots that randomly appear while we are winding on our warp. Today’s episode is dedicated to the latter option, the unwanted knots.

There are two very important parts of the process when these annoying bundles can interrupt our flow. And in episode 80, I’m walking you through how to handle them when they appear. (Do not panic – you’ve got this!) Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Weaving Knots – I have to admit something. I’m horrible at remembering the names of knots. When I was learning to weave, Tammy would say, “just make a ___ knot”, and I would stare at her blankly. Over the years, well, I haven’t improved much! Ha! I’m quite proficient at actually creating the knots, but I’m still not brilliant at remembering their names.

In comes Nicole, at Warped Fibers! She created a lovely tutorial of 5 common knots weavers make and I’m including a link so you can learn them much faster than I ever did! Click right here to see her beautiful visuals and impressive step-by-step instructions. Thank you, Nicole!

Multiple Colors in the Warp – Hopefully, the knots are staying far away from you as you wind your project on the warping board. And maybe you’re feeling very brave and want to make it a tad more complex. Check out episode 62 to pick up a few tips on warping with multiple colors. 

Holiday Shopping!

It’s time, my friend! Time to ponder what to give the weaver in your life. Or if you’re the weaver? Time to start your wish list of goodies that would enhance your weaving experience. And I’m armed and ready with a comprehensive list of weaving tools and accessories that any weaver would love to have! Click here to check out the many, many options for this holiday season. Happy Shopping!

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