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I was recently asked the question, “Can you use the entire width of the loom?”. Yes! And you absolutely should. Please, please use every bit of your gorgeous loom!

However, if you haven’t tried it yet, I have a few elements to watch for – the size of the reed, your extra heddles, and those sneaky warp yarns at the very edge of your project.

That’s exactly what I’m covering in this week’s A Handwoven Experience. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

World’s Widest Loom – Did you know that in 2005, a weaving company named Jurgens created a weaving loom that was 33.15 meters? That’s over 108 feet! Whew! I’m not sure exactly what would inspire you to make a 100+ foot wide loom. But, it sure is some fun trivia! Take a look at the other cool things Jurgens makes. 

All Wound Up – If you are just starting your weaving journey and are unsure what to use when winding the project on to the loom, I have an episode here to clear things right up! (Clear as mud, that is!) In this video, I talk about the debate between using sticks or using paper. And my answer is to use either one! Use whatever you have available and you are comfortable with. Check out the full episode right here. 

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