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In honor of April and Earth Day and all the repurposing goodness, today I offer you a post all about the magic of thrums. Let’s start at the top, shall we?

Thrums are the little bits of yarn that are essential to the weaving process, but aren’t included in the final product. You can find thrums at each end of the fabric where you have knotted it to the rod. These are typically short.

You also might find longer thrums left over from the unusable inches that need to move through the center of the loom. Here’s my quick description of how & why you’ll have longer thrums:

To weave, you need to keep warp yarns under tension. To maintain the tension, the yarns need to be tied to the front and back of the loom. So at no point are you able to weave every inch of the warp – there are shafts & heddles in the way. There are always some lost inches that are sacrificied to keep the tension tight. And that is how you’ll end up with longer thrums!

In episode 91, I’m providing some options on how to repurpose these adorable bits of leftover yarn and giving you insight into my favorite technique. I promise you, once you dive in, you’ll love the magic of thrums. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Thrums for Inlay – I found a lovely article written by Sara Lamb at Handwoven Magazine about how she uses her thrums to add visual interest to her fabric. Her trick? Use the little bits as inlay! Brilliant. Take a peek at her description right here and let me know if you give it a try. It’s definitely on my list!

Recycling & Weaving – When you think of recycling you may not instantly think of weaving. However, weaving is truly a perfect craft for helping the environment! Check out episode 28 to see how I make my case for recycling and weaving being best friends. 

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