Before we dive headlong into 2 layers of woven goodness, let’s chat about planning for double weave! In order to begin visualizing a fabulous project, we’ll need to understand the basic components of double weave – which is exactly what episode 99 will cover!

Enjoy this week’s A Handwoven Experience video right here!

Show Notes –

The Art of Double Weave – There’s a wonderful article on double weave from the de Young Museum in San Francisco. They discuss a double weave piece from William Morris (1878-1881) and one from W. Logan Fry (1991) that were created about a century apart. With little nuggets of history and art, it is a very interesting look at this uniqe weave structure. Sit back and enjoy this quick, informative read! 

Creating a Tube Using Double Weave – You can do a lot with double weave. A LOT! And in my weekly videos, I’ve just begun to scratch the surface. In the future, I want to tackle all the things! But for now, so far, I’ve released a broad look at double weave (episode 18) and this special video all about “Creating a Tube Using Double Weave”. Here’s a refresher of episode 63, just for you!

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