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Show of hands – who loves the idea of pillows for weaving gifts? Yep, I see you in the back! Me, too!

Pillows are such a wonderful vehicle for showcasing your weaving prowess. Cover a pillow form in your creative fabric, sew very few seams, and you are ready to go. Brilliant!

In episode 109, I’m walking you through the land of pillows. It’s a soft, fluffy place to be – I promise! Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Pillow form sizing – Boho Pillow totally cracked me up with this fun, informative blog post about selecting the right pillow form! And I learned quite a bit, too! I hope you find some value while reading this entertaining how-to right here. 

Twill weave – If you loved the look of the teal and gray pillow in the video, you are in luck! It is easy to replicate, with its distinctive diagonal. You only need to understand the basics of twill and you’ll be off and running! Check out episode 51 to get more details. 

Extra! Extra!

Are you a paper & pencil person? Want something concrete to hold in your hand? Then I have just the thing for you! My Acton Creative Insiders will receive a download for each of the episodes in the Weaving Gifts series!

Want to have the pillow dimensions spelled out for you? Just join the AC Insiders today to get access to your information page! Here is the link to join.

I can’t wait for you to be a part of the community! See you soon!

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