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Are you ready for a little waffle weave magic? All you need is a fiber that loves to shrink, plus 3 other components and you’ll be waffle weaving in no time!

Check out episode 110 to hear more about this magical weaving pattern.

Show Notes:

Mary E. Black’s book, The Key to Weaving – have you ever seen this book? Ultimately, it’s a textbook all about weaving and fiber arts. And boy is it packed full of great information! So if you don’t have a copy yet, keep your eyes peeled for a used one. I find that it isn’t the book I grab every day – however, it’s the book that I definitely turn to when other options come up empty!

Floating Selvedges – Just in case you need a refresher on floating selvedges, episode 42 has you covered! These simple, yet critical warp yarns will save the day in your waffle weave. Take a look at the floating selvedge video right here.

October Weave Along

You are invited to join us for the October Weave Along! This month-long weaving adventure is an opportunity to not only weave a fun pattern, but also participate in a sweet community of weavers. To see all the colorful details, click here to see the overview. It includes information about the Facebook Group and the benefits of being an Acton Creative Insider.

I hope you give it a go! Happy Weaving!

Weekly Weaving Newsletter

The absolutely best thing you can do to help with your weaving journey is to sign up for the Weekly Weaving Newsletter! This online Wednesday publication will keep you posted on that week’s FREE weaving educational content, plus I always toss in a story from me! It’s equal parts education and entertainment, all wrapped up in a short, few-minute read!

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