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If you’re interested in upping your weaving game, a point twill threading is a great way to do it! This zig-zag sequence for threading your heddles will open up an entirely new world when it comes to weaving patterns.

Enjoy episode 111 of A Handwoven Experience right here. And let’s do some point twill threading, shall we?

Show Notes:

A Glossary of Twills – I found an awesome blog post from Handwoven Magazine that lists a series of variations of twills. It’s fascinating! In many cases, I didn’t realize there was a specific name for a sequence! Always be learning, they say. “They” are quite right! Here’s access to this 2019 font of information. 

Straight Draw – If you’d like a refresher on the lovely “Straight Draw”, episode 57 has you covered! Here’s your Cliff’s Notes video right here. 

October Weave Along

You are invited to join us for the October Weave Along! This month-long weaving adventure is an opportunity to not only weave a fun pattern, but also participate in a sweet community of weavers. To see all the colorful details, click here to see the overview. It includes information about the Facebook Group and the benefits of being an Acton Creative Insider.

I hope you give it a go! Happy Weaving!

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