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Ready to dive into some bird’s eye twill? Let’s do it!

This lovely bird’s-eye-shaped conversation is brought to you by the simple fact that my loom was dressed with a point twill threading.

Now, I should explain that I am typically a straight draw threading kind of girl. So it’s unusual for me to dress the loom in something fancier. But I figured while I was here, might as well explore a few fabulous twill patterns!

Thus, episode 112 was created – all about bird’s eye twill! Enjoy!

Show Notes –

All About Twill – Gist Yarn has a great blog post all about the world of twill! It’s so informative and of course, they include some great visuals. (If you aren’t familiar with Gist, they sell wonderful yarn for weaving!) Take a look at this post to expand your knowledge of twill! 

Point Twill Threading – In episode 111, I did a deep dive into a point twill threading and how it’s different from a straight draw threading. Once your understand the subtle difference, it’ll open up an entirely new world of weaving patterns! Click right here to watch this helpful video.

October Weave Along

You are invited to join us for the October Weave Along! This month-long weaving adventure is an opportunity to not only weave a fun pattern, but also participate in a sweet community of weavers. To see all the colorful details, click here to see the overview. It includes information about the Facebook Group and the benefits of being an Acton Creative Insider.

I hope you give it a go! Happy Weaving!

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