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Once you vear off from straight draw, there is an entire world of other threadings waiting for you – for example, M&W threading!

Have you heard of this one? The order in which you thread your heddles looks exactly like the letters “M” and “W”! It’s so much fun!

Check out episode 113 to dive deeper into this unique twist on where to place your warp yarns.

Show Notes –

Marcy Petrini – At the Convergence Conference last July, I met Marcy Petrini. She was our guide for 2 separate day-long trips and we had a blast! Let me tell you, Marcy is a force of nature! Not only is she a lot of fun, but she is a ridiculously knowledgeable weaver. So it only seemed right to include her draft incorporating an M&W threading here. Not only will you see her m’s and w’s, but also her beautiful fabric. You simply must try it yourself! Click here to start planning your project. 

Point Twill Threading – Just in case you are ready to jump off the straight draw train for a bit, I suggest giving a point twill threading a look. In episode 111, I broke it down nice and neatly just for you! Cue the video right here. 

October Weave Along

You are invited to join us for the October Weave Along! This month-long weaving adventure is an opportunity to not only weave a fun pattern, but also participate in a sweet community of weavers. To see all the colorful details, click here to see the overview. It includes information about the Facebook Group and the benefits of being an Acton Creative Insider.

I hope you give it a go! Happy Weaving!

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