Oooh, you’re in for a treat today! This is A Handwoven Interview with Rebecca Riley-Vargas.

Now, Rebecca isn’t simply another weaver. She is the owner of Three Moons Fiberworks, a veritable fiber wonderland, based in Chesterton, Indiana.

In our interview, Rebecca not only talks about her entry into weaving, but also shares a really valuable tip about dressing your loom. I can’t wait for you to see her in action – she’s amazing! Enjoy.

Show Notes – 

Three Moons Fiberworks – Drop by Rebecca’s website to see her upcoming classes and bountiful fibers ready for you! Here is the link for Three Moons Fiberworks. 

Welcome to Three Moons Fiberworks – One day, Rebecca left me in charge of the shop (danger, danger!). I pulled out my phone to make a video of her incredible store so you could have a personal tour. If you didn’t see it when it was originally released, click here to “walk” through Three Moons. 

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