Today I’m going to talk about how to substitute a different-sized yarn. Sometimes, you simply want to use the yarn you have instead of what the instructions specify, right?

As I was recording this, I came to the realization that the conversation could easily fall down the rabbit hole with ALL the various scenarios. So, I decided to narrow it down to the same fiber, just in a different size. (This is my effort to keep it from being too complicated… you let me know if it worked.)

Enjoy episode 122 of A Handwoven Experience right here.

Show Notes –

Master Yarn Chart – In the video I talk about how to identify the recommended sett for your yarn. My go-to solution for this is the website where you purchased it. If you aren’t sure where you got it from, but you know what fiber and size it is, you can still look it up! There is a very comprehensive document called the “Master Yarn Chart” from Handwoven Magazine that has everything! I’ll warn you – it can be overwhelming. But if you need a deep dive into a fiber that you can’t find sold online, it’s a great resource. Click here to check it out. 

Let’s Talk About Sett – Back in episode 50, I did a brief rundown of the world of epi’s and setts. It’s a perfect introduction, if you are just starting your weaving journey. You can access this easy, starter video right here. 

Sett Sidebar –

I want to toss in a bit of an astericks to our sett conversation here. In the video, I mentioned that the difference between 20 epi and 24 epi is “not that great”. Please understand that there absolutely is a difference! And if you are playing with the naunces of your warp spacing, then fabulous job! That’s amazing!

But for the sake of the beginner who is simply trying to make a decision about how to substitute a different-sized yarn into an existing set of instructions, it is better to choose a number in the appropriate range and get to weaving – versus agonizing over the “perfect” sett.

I encourage everyone to take a moment to analyze your project after it is complete and make notes to improve your process for next time. When/if you are ready later on, you can absolutely explore the subtleties between 20 epi and 24 epi! But for now, let’s weave!

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