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I’m happy to present to you, “Weaving Floats: Q&A”!

Have you ever heard of a weaving float before? It’s a fascinating little element in weaving that is critical to so many patterns. And while it can get a bad rap when it pops up unintentionally, I firmly believe that weaving floats are awesome and should be celebrated!

So, are you ready to party with me and my floats? Let the Weaving Floats Q&A begin!

Show Notes –

How to fix a float – Just in case you aren’t comfortable leaving an unintentional float where it is and want to fix it, I have a great resource for you! The wonderful Liz Gipson posted an article through Gist about this exact topic. She does a great job explaining your choices and illustrating some simple methods for erasing your float! You can soak up all her float-y wisdom right here. 

Waffle Weave Magic – In the video, I referred to the impressive floats used to create waffle weave. And with just a few basic components, you too can be wielding your weaving floats like a master to produce waffle weave! Check out episode 110 to see all the ins and outs. 

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