Are you ready to read a weaving draft for a table loom? This one is for my table loom & direct tie-up friends! Let’s go!

One of the biggest tools in weaving is the pattern draft. Once you understand how to read a draft, the world is your oyster! You will have all the information you need to create a limitless number of beautiful weaving patterns – without a kit, without someone else giving you instructions, completely on your own! It’s kind of like getting your driver’s license. Freedom is yours!

But, back in episode 49, “Reading a Weaving Draft”, I taught the process from the perspective of a floor loom with the capability of tying 1 treadle to multiple shafts. And while that is valuable, it doesn’t help those working on a direct tie-up loom (aka, a table loom).

So today, I’m connecting the dots! Join me as I walk you through the process of understanding your table loom, and understanding a weaving draft so you can create beautiful, interesting patterns, all the live-long day! Enjoy!

Show Notes – – If you have not yet played with, it’s time. This amazing resource includes hundreds of weaving drafts – many of them with impressive historical roots! Plus, it offers the ability to create your own weaving drafts, which is very fun to play with. There is a free version that gives you a wonderful glimpse into what you can do. But, the paid version is very reasonable and worth the library of weaving goodness you’ll have at your fingertips! Here’s the link to check it out. 

Direct Tie-Ups – In today’s episode all about how to read a weaving draft for a table loom, I talk about the functionality of the direct tie-up loom. To watch the original “Direct Tie-Up” episode (Ep. 73), I have a magical link to take you right there! Simply click here. 

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