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Are you ready for another fabulous A Handwoven Interview? This time I’m talking with Amanda Baxter, a fellow Hoosier and amazing artist!

She is the owner and fiber genius behind the company, Shiny Dime Fibers. Take a stroll through her fabulous hand-dyed warps and sign up for her newsletter right here. 

Please enjoy this special episode with Amanda Baxter.

Show Notes –

There were a number of people referenced during A Handwoven Interview with Amanda Baxter, and I did my best to capture their information. Here they are!

Jean Haley – Jean is Amanda’s studio mate and natural dyer. Click here to find her. 

Kathrin Weber  – Kathrin’s company is Blazing Shuttles, where she sells a variety of hand-dyed warps and other weaving fibers. This link will take you right there. 

Debbie Barrett-Jones – Debbie is the founder of Healing with Weaving, a very special program highlighting the healing, meditative, and therapeutic benefits of weaving. Click here to read more. 

Additional Show Notes –

The Story of Shiny Dime – During our interview, Amanda touched on the impact of losing her sister at a young age. But, to hear the full, poignant story, you really need to read her blog post. It packs a punch, my friend. I’d suggest finding the tissues. Take it all in right here. 

AVL Looms – AVL Looms is a company that creates dobby looms. They combine handweaving and technology to allow weavers to easily tackle wildly complex patterns. This link will zip you over to their website so you can see more. 

Reuseable zip ties – This is what Amanda suggested as a great way to keep your yarn organized while dyeing it. (I trust you can find these near you!)

Weaver’s Companion Book – If you haven’t had a chance to flip through this lovely resource, this is Amanda’s go-to book. And it’s a good one! Click here to take a look.  

Acton Creative Insiders – 

Do you love all things Acton Creative? Want event more? I have just the thing! I’ve partnered with Patreon to bring you the Acton Creative Insiders! This monthly membership includes personal insights, weaving tips/tricks, and small group chats every single month! All we’re missing is you!  This link will take you right to the AC Insiders page where you can see more details and register today! I can’t wait to have you as part of the team!

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