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Are you ready for a charming, informative, and inspiring video? You ask and I will deliver – it’s A Handwoven Interview with Fiber Artist Supply Co.!

Timothy and Cynthia Hale are the owners of this Cincinnati-based company where they are creating fiber tools of all kinds (including their famous ball-winders), as well as Woolhouse table looms.

Hearing Tim’s story of randomly designing fiber-related tools, and then having a weaver specifically tell him he must go make looms (we are bossy!) is completely relatable! Life is simply like that, isn’t it? You never quite know where you’ll land.

But we’re thrilled this couple has ended up in our corner of the fiber world because they are accomplishing really great things. Please enjoy this episode of A Handwoven Interview with Fiber Artist Supply Co.!

Show Notes –

Chicago Weaving School – Tim mentioned his important connection to Natalie Boyett and the Chicago Weaving School, where she’s using Woolhouse looms on a daily basis. If you aren’t familiar with this magical place, be sure to check out her website right here. 

Steal Like an Artist – During our discussion, we talked about the way new beautiful things come to be – mostly by starting with inspiration from other people. I highly recommend this short, impactful book by Austin Kleon to get the creative juices flowing! 

WARP Annual Meeting – You’ll be able to meet Timothy and Cynthia in person at the Weave a Real Peace 2023 Annual Meeting in Kent, Ohio July 13-16. Please click here to see more information. 

Convergence Conference – The Handweaver’s Guild of America will host their national fiber conference in Witchita, Kansas on July 11-17, 2024. This major fiber event will include international instructors, incredible exhibits, wonderful local tours, and much more. Fiber Artist Supply Co. will be participating in the marketplace (aka weaving nirvana). Here’s the HGA link to learn more about next year’s event. 

Table Looms – We talk a lot about table looms in this episode. And while my table loom isn’t a Woolhouse (not yet!), I am happy to give you a tour so you can see how it functions. Please enjoy episode 24! 

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