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Here is brief description of “color & weave” – it is a category of weaving structures where color is strategically placed to create a visual pattern.

Whew!! What the heck is all that? Let me try to simplify it for us.

Think of a weave structure as a house – we are literally constructing the fabric on the loom. Then, think of “color & weave” as a style of house (modern, traditional, etc.).

A weave structure is considered a “color & weave” style when the careful placement of the colors in the warp and weft actually create the visual pattern.

A lovely example is log cabin, where the pattern is created solely because of where the colors fall. If you toss the colors in willy-nilly, you won’t have log cabin. You’ll have an interesting plain weave, but not log cabin. Check out episode 135 to learn more about this fascinating type of weaving!

Show Notes –

Ask Madelyn – You know how I love me some Madely Van Der Hoogt! See has a wonderful column in Handwoven where she answers questions from fellow weavers. Take a look at her insightful look into color & weave right here. 

Color & Weave Examples – In today’s episode, I brought in 2 examples to show how it works, log cabin and houndstooth check. If you aren’t familiar with those, I have just the episodes for you! Episode 90, Log Cabin Formula, and Episode 78, Houndstooth How-To.

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