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Today, we’re going to dive down to the core of crackle. You see, crackle can take on many different appearances. But when you sift through each variation you’ll find just a few core components that set it apart from every other weave structure.

Welcome to crackle weave!

Show Notes –

Gather Textiles – Gather has a great post all about crackle weave that I thought I would share. And if you love the technical aspect of draft design, there are some fabulous nuggets here for you! Click here to check out their article on crackle. 

Supplemental Episodes – There are times I gloss over concepts in order to stay on track. However, I don’t want you to get lost in the core of crackle explanation. So, I’m including links to 2 episodes to help fill in some gaps you might be missing.

Ep. 111, “Point Twill Threading

Ep. 128, “Key Weaving Pattern Terms (Threading & Treadling)

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