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Are you ready to talk about sewing handwoven fabric? Let’s go!

Handwoven fabric isn’t quite like the fabric you buy at the store. Therefore, we need a few tools in our toolbox to help manipulate it into the shape we want and the final product we can proudly share with the world!

Now, just in case you haven’t met me before, I don’t sew. But I have worked with a handful of seamstresses during my weaving career. In working together with them, I’ve picked up information on helpful products and strategies when sewing handwoven fabric. And you KNOW I’ll share everything I know with you! That’s what today’s episode is all about!

Show Notes –

Sewing Resource – It will come as no surprise that Handwoven Magazine has addressed the topic of sewing handwoven fabric on more than one occasion. So, I found a lovely overview from them to give you a place to start. Click here to check it out. 

Daryl Lancaster – If I were going to recommend a truly valuable source for this, I would send you to The Weaver Sews, which is a YouTube channel hosted by Daryl Lancaster. She’s a wonderful wealth of knowledge! Here’s a sampling of her videos. 

Weaving Gifts – Last year, I did a lovely series all about weaving gifts. It included towels, runners/placemats, and pillows. These are easy items to finish with a sewing machine and I highly recommend them as a place to start! This link will take you to the Towel episode so you can see what the fuss is about. 

Freebie for You!

Speaking of looms, do you need a little help learning the difference between a reed and a beater bar? I’ve got just the thing! The “Parts of a Loom” FREE guide is ready for you! In it, you’ll find not only a diagram of a 4-shaft floor loom, but also a short helpful description of each part and its importance. It’s the perfect cheat sheet to keep nearby as you learn to weave! Click here to grab your copy today!

Weekly Weaving Newsletter

The absolutely best thing you can do to help with your weaving journey is to sign up for the Weekly Weaving Newsletter! This online Wednesday publication will keep you posted on that week’s FREE weaving educational content, plus I always toss in a story from me! It’s equal parts education and entertainment, all wrapped up in a short, few-minute read!

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