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Ready for “Analyzing Your Weaving Project: Part 1”? Me, too! Let’s do it.

I know it’s exciting to start a new project – you’re ready to go! However, I’d like to encourage you to take a moment and sit with the project you just completed because there is a lot to learn from that beautiful piece of fabric!

Ask yourself, “how did it go?’ How does the reality compare to the plan you made way back at the beginning? How did those elements like color, pattern, and texture work out?

Join me in this special episode (part 1) where I walk you through the benefits of analyzing the technical components of your weaving project. And watch for next week where I’ll challenge you to look at the non-technical elements, too!

Show Notes –

Fabric hand – The “hand” of a fabric… we say that a lot in weaving, don’t we? It refers to how the fabric feels. Is it soft, or stiff, or silky, or rough? The idea is that you gather information from your fingers and make a judgement call about the fabric. I found a great little article all about this topic from a designer’s perspective. Click here to enjoy. 

Sett – One of the technical elements to evaluate is definitely the sett. Sett refers to the spacing between the warp yarns. It will affect the overall density of the fabric, which in turn will influence the hand (see how I tied it all together with a bow?). Watch episode 50, all about sett right here. 

Printable Worksheet –

pssst… Do you love a good worksheet? I’ve created a .pdf all about analyzing the technical sides of your weaving project. To grab your copy, simply sign up to become a paid member of the Acton Creative Insiders membership. It’s waiting for you! Click here to become a member

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