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Let’s discuss weaving hems, shall we?

Being a weaver means dealing with hems. And when hems are done well, they’re practically invisible. However, when they don’t quite fit with the rest of the project, they can stand out much more than you intend for them to.

So in today’s episode, I’m tackling the topic of weaving hems. Join me as I provide a number of examples of how materials and patterns can influence your hems, which will hopefully give you food for thought as you tackle your next project. Happy Weaving!

Show Notes –

The Weaver Sews – Have you met Daryl Lancaster yet? When I think of a true expert on weaving handwoven fabric, she’s the one. So if this episode got you excited about sitting down to your sewing machine and creating all the beautiful things, I’ll happily direct you her way. Here is a straight shot to her YouTube channel that covers lots of details only another weaver would appreciate. 

Sewing Handwoven Fabric – Just a few episodes ago, I released an episode talking about sewing handwoven fabric. And if you’ve met me at all, you KNOW this isn’t my area of expertise by any stretch of the imagination. But because I don’t love the sewing, I do love the seamstresses. Because I’ve worked with so many over the years, I did pick up a thing or two. So, please enjoy episode 147, “Sewing Handwoven Fabric”. 

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