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You know, we talk a lot about balance in weaving. But the context varies depending on what comes after the word, “balanced”.

Balanced weave, balanced twill, and balanced design are just 3 examples I’m going to tackle today in this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience. So let’s all stand on one leg while we discuss balance in weaving.

Show Notes –

Balanced Beat – Did I mention that weavers are very concerned with balance? Another example is a “balanced beat”. This refers to how tightly or loosely you are smooshing your weft yarns with the beater bar. Gist has a lovely blog post about it right here so you can check it out. 

Different Types of Twill – If you’re intrigued by the idea of a balanced twill, you will definitely enjoy this earlier episode of A Handwoven Experience titled, “Different Types of Twill”. Click here to learn more. 

April Weave Along –

The April Weave Along is here! Join us for this month-long weaving adventure where we all start and finish a project in the month of April, and we all utilize the same pattern. This time around, we’re leaning into undulating twill! To see all the program details and find out how you can participate, jog over to the April Weave Along Central page.


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