It’s fun to mix & match weaving fibers, isn’t it? Combining a touch of this, with a dash of that – it’s very thrilling!

And not only is it fun, but there are many great functional reasons to mix & match, too. So in today’s episode of A Handwoven Experience, I am tackling the ins and out of mixing up your weaving fibers. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Vegan Yarn – I must admit that while I understand the word “vegan” in terms of a diet, I have not done much research on vegan yarn. So I did a little poking around to learn more. The easy answer is that vegan yarn is any yarn that doesn’t come from animals. This rules out wool and silk.

But beyond that simple definition lies an entire conversation about how these plant-based yarns were created. Considerations include, “Did the yarn-making process harm the environment?” and “What chemicals were used?” Thus these vegan yarns can go through a myriad of additional filters when weavers are making choices about what to incorporate into their work. Needless to say, there are layers to the “vegan yarn” category. But I found a short easy read from Darn Good Yarn to get you started right here! 

Matching the Item and the Fiber – Part of the mix & match dance is pairing up appropriate fibers for the item you want to create. So as you think about what to mash together, ponder how those yarns will provide the right hand for your fabric. Here’s an earlier episode of A Handwoven Experience tackling this exact topic. 

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