The world of weaving knots is a big one and it can be quite overwhelming. So in today’s episode, I’m offering up my 3 favorite knots I use every time I dress my loom.

So tell me, what are your favorite weaving knots?

Show Notes –

Additional weaving knots – Warped Fibers has a great blog post all about weaving knots and it includes a few options I haven’t worked with before! It’s always a good thing to expand your options, don’t you think? This link will take you right to it. 

What to do BEFORE the warp comes off – In today’s episode, I refer to a great knot to use at the start of your time at the warping board. But if you are just learning the ropes, you may need a few reminders for the end of your time at the warping board, too. Turns out, I have just the episode for you! Click here to watch, “2 Things to do BEFORE the warp comes off”. 

Reading a Weaving Draft Class

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