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Keeping track of all the unusual weaving words and definitions can be exhausting. But today, I’m here to help! I’m sharing my favorite weaving phrases that encompass all areas of the weaving process. And just by hanging on to a few of these phrases, you’ll be able to connect the weaving dots much easier!

Be sure to let me know which weaving phrases I’m missing! Which ones are your favorites?

Show Notes –

12 Weaving Terms – I found a lovely list of starting terms for new weavers from Warped Fibers. So if you fall into the I-think-I-want-to-weave category, you will absolutely love it! Click here to see what is what! 

Weaving Shed – In today’s episode, I listed, “clearing the shed” as one of my favorite phrases. But if you aren’t familiar with the term, “shed space”, we should simply back up the train and start from the beginning! Please enjoy episode 60 of A Handwoven Experience called, “The Weaving Shed”. 

Reading a Weaving Draft Class

Did you know that there is a brand new class at Acton Creative? The Reading a Weaving Draft Class is a perfect opportunity to uplevel your weaving game, because once you understand how to read a weaving draft, you’ll be completely unstoppable! Click here to take a closer look

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The absolutely best thing you can do to help with your weaving journey is to sign up for the Weekly Weaving Newsletter! This online Wednesday publication will keep you posted on that week’s FREE weaving educational content, plus I always toss in a story from me! It’s equal parts education and entertainment, all wrapped up in a short, few-minute read!

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