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December is a crazy month, right? It feels like someone pushed fast forward on my normal schedule. And while I know I’ll make it through the holidays, I also know I’ll probably need some serious recovery time after the tinsel has settled!

Red Woven Ornament

Every year, I take a photo for my Christmas card. This one was pretty, but wasn’t a finalist.

I’ve been trying some new recipes this year – poached pears being the winner for the season! (This may all sound very normal to you. But historically, I’m not someone to look forward to time in the kitchen. So my interest in culinary creations is still pretty new! Just ask any Acton family member – this is a big deal!) I’ve managed to do a fairly good job of combining homemade goodies with some store bought treats. But, I’ll definitely need some practice before next year’s holidays.

I spread out my shopping this year, which I’m undecided on whether that was a good idea or not. I have everyone checked off the list, but it took me 7 weeks to do it! Is it better to go whole hog on a single weekend and simply get it done? I’m not sure. I’m up for feedback here!

White Woven Ornament

I like this one, too! It was taken at Morton Arboretum – love that place!

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve had multiple holiday get-togethers and during the week of Christmas, I have a few more scheduled. I love meeting up with friends and family – especially this time of year! Everyone seems to smile a bit quicker and hug a tad longer. It’s fabulous!

But at the end of the day, the big ‘ole introvert inside me is also secretly longing for quiet time away from it all, too. It’s an odd push & pull. My goal every year is to savor both experiences – the social ones and the solitary ones. And when I feel myself starting to feel resistance to the dense calendar full of lovely cheerful people (parties, shopping, decorating, etc.), I politely step back or reschedule so I can recharge my personal social reserves.

Green Woven Ornament

Then, we had a perfect snow in NW Indiana! This one’s sweet, isn’t it?

I’ve learned that it does no one any good if I’m grumpy at a holiday gathering. So, why do it? This has become my plan for staying merry during December – continuously balancing out “people time” with “non-people time”. (Good thing being a weaver isn’t a group sport, right?) It makes for a much happier me at the end of the day and the end of the month!

How do you manage the holidays? Probably the better question is, how do you manage the holidays in a method that you can still feel good at the end of them – physically, emotionally, everything? Thoughts?

I sincerely wish you and yours a safe, warm, joyful holiday – whatever and however you enjoy celebrating!

Blue Woven Ornament

This was the winner for the 2018 Christmas card!

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