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“Listen to your gut.” Boy, this is a big one for me! I had a decent job in the corporate world when I took my first weaving class and instantly fell in love! I remember thinking, “I could do this all day long!”. Three years after that, I jumped ship from my corporate gig and moved in with family to begin pursuing my passion. I wouldn’t say it has been an easy road, but the great journeys rarely are!

My gut has guided me to take risks that my head wasn’t sold on. And what I’ve found is that the act of taking the risk was good for me – no matter the outcome. Even if the decision didn’t provide me with the expected financial outcome or marketing exposure.

I applied for an expensive, fairly exclusive art show in Atlanta about 3 years ago and was thrilled to be accepted! It was a three day show where I clearly felt like I was playing in the big leagues. At the conclusion of the show, I didn’t sell enough to even cover the cost of the booth.

What I learned at that event about my work, my goals, and most importantly myself has helped determine so many of my decisions going forward. Don’t get me wrong, at the time, it sucked! But looking back, I can see how important it was to dip my toe into that level of play. It was quite the turning point!

The more I listen to my gut, the better I guide myself and my business. It’s like working a muscle – a Chris Acton internal navigation muscle. Ultimately, by paying attention to my gut, I’ve become a much more content, confident person, able to maneuver through life with an unshakable sense of myself.

How has your gut steered you right lately? Happy weaving, friends! – Chris

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