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“Accept and ask for help.” This is a challenge, isn’t it? I feel like the phrase, “independent woman” carries with it the understanding that we don’t need assistance. We need to do it all on our own for it to count. I firmly believe that this theory provides a huge disservice to ladies and people everywhere.

Asking for and accepting help aren’t signs of weakness. I see it as being smart enough to know your own strengths. As much as I could probably figure out how to do it solo, I always ask for help setting up my tent if I’m at an event by myself. It’s an easy task that takes 2 people a total of 3 minutes, tops. But by reaching out to fellow artists/vendors/volunteers for 3 minutes of their time they are usually happy to provide, we as a group are connecting. I’m learning their names. We’re kibitzing about the weather. We’re creating a joint experience. We’re sympathizing and supporting each other. And isn’t that amazing?

Accept and ask for help

A few years back, my friend, Karyn, offered to break down neckties I was planning to use in a project. This is a time-consuming task and after a moment’s hesitation and multiple, “Are you sure?”, we worked out the details and she’s been assisting me ever since. She’ll work on the latest batch of ties while she’s watching tv, and I spend more of my time at the loom, joyfully creating. It’s a fabulous partnership I wouldn’t trade for anything – all because I chose to gratefully accept her help!

Asking/inviting someone to assist you or accepting their kind offer is a gift to both of you. Ultimately, my goal isn’t only to be uniquely successful as an individual, but to bring success to the people and the community around me. And that’s going to require LOTS of help.

How do you feel about others helping you? Happy weaving, friends! – Chris

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