Are you ready to talk about a broken twill threading? Me, too! Let’s do it.

When you hear a weaver talk about a “threading”, it refers to the sequence you use to assign the warp yarns to a shaft. You’ve heard me many a time discuss “threading the heddles”, which is the action, while a “threading” is the sequence.

For me, I tend to approach a threading in a visual manner, like you’re a bird looking down on the loom. (Total sidebar: if you truly have a bird looking down on your loom, please stop what you’re doing and kindly escort her out!)

In this episode, I’ll be sharing my approach to this step, AND of course, walking you through the fabulous broken twill threading. It’s a good one! Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Twill Glossary – Oooooh, I found a great resource for you! In Handwoven magazine, they shared a wonderful twill glossary that includes all sorts of variations, including our broken twill threading! Some were even new to me! I’ll definitely be studying it further right after I finish this post. Click here to see what the excitement’s about. 

Straight Draw – Back at episode 57, I introduced you to the Famous Straight Draw. And the truth is, you could easily dress your loom using a straight draw for the rest of your life and never get bored! If you’d like a refresher on this sturdy workhorse of a threading, here is your review of the straight draw. 

Point Twill Threading – The other threading I refer to in our current episode is the wonderful point twill threading. I featured this one in episode 111, which was a great lead-in to waffle weave! Click here to see what the point twill threading is all about! 

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