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I hope you like abbreviations since weaving has a lot of them! Case in point, today I’ll be talking about EPI vs PPI.

These two abbreviations are probably the most popular in the weaving vocabulary because we discuss them with each project we do. EPI = ends per inch, referring to the spacing the warp yarns. PPI = picks per inch, referring to the spacing of the weft yarns.

Both of these components in a weaving project have distinctive benefits and challenges. In today’s episode, I’ll be walking you through what they look like. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Gather Textiles talks about sett – I found a lovely blog post from Gather Textiles explaining sett and providing a deeper dive into the world of warp yarn spacing. They’re pretty smart over there at Gather! Click here to check it out. 

Let’s Talk About Sett – Back at episode 50, I created my first video dedicated to EPI and sett. If you weren’t hanging out with me back then, no worries! I have a link so you can enjoy it right here. 

What is PPI? – A few episodes later, I introduced the idea of PPI! (See how that all comes together? ) Here’s your walk down memory lane to episode 69 of A Handwoven Experience. 

April Weave Along –

The April Weave Along is here! Join us for this month-long weaving adventure where we all start and finish a project in the month of April, and we all utilize the same pattern. This time around, we’re leaning into undulating twill! To see all the program details and find out how you can participate, jog over to the April Weave Along Central page.

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