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Just starting your weaving journey? Fabulous!! Let’s talk about moving the beater bar!

Moving the beater bar forward and back is a major motion in the weaving process. So, how should this go? In episode 142, I’m walking you through the process and strategy for moving the beater bar. Soon, it’ll become second nature! Happy Weaving!

Show Notes –

History of Looms – I found a lovely history of looms on a site called ThulaTula, which sells blankets that are ethically and sustainably made in South Africa! They have a really interesting story. Take a peek here to dive in. 

Other helpful episodes – In this video, I tossed out some patterns and terms. Here are the accompanying episodes if you want to dive deeper!

Ep 139 – Playing with Pinwheels
Ep 78 – Houndstooth How-To
Ep 69 – What is ppi? 
Ep 47 – Nuts & Bolts of Rep Weave

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